Signature Capture Device Comparison

The eSignature Source provides detailed information on some of the best-selling signature capture devices in the industry, all in one convenient location. We’ve divided these signature capture pads by price point, size and features. If you prefer to see all signature devices in one chart  View PDF here.

Signature Capture Device Details

View the specs for each type of signature capture device to determine which one is best for your needs.



Small eSignature Devices


Medium eSignature Devices


Large eSignature Devices

Price Range: $200 - $345* Price Range: $269 – $445* Price Range: $329 – $495*
Size: Up to 1 x 5” Size: Approx. 4 x 3” Size: Larger than 4 x 3”
Features: LCD, some backlit options includes a web option Features: LCD, some backlit options, one color screen option Features: LCD, backlit, color screen
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*Pricing may vary.  Contact us for information.


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