What is an Electronic Signature?

What is an Electronic Signature?

What Is An Electronic SignatureThis is one of the most-asked questions we get about esignature technology. Simply put, an electronic signature (or “esignature”) is simply a person’s signature that has been digitally captured. This is accomplished by using a signature capture pad.

Human signatures are still the most pervasive way to convey approval or agreement on documents, purchases or contracts. With the rise of global technology, however, getting a human signature poses unique challenges. This is where esignatures come in. Instead of having to send documents in the mail and store thousands of pieces of paper, electronic signature capture pads allow you or your customers to authenticate signatures and securely convert them to a form that can be emailed, put in a PDF or added to a Microsoft Word document.

Electronic Signatures in Your Life

The most common example people identify with esignatures is using a credit card at a store. Whenever you use your credit card at a store and sign your signature on the store’s machine, it captures your signature and stores it. Instead of having to store a paper record of your signature, the store can save millions of trees by saving your esignature.

This same technology can be used in a document-centric environment wherever a signature is required.

What is an Electronic Signature Capture Pad?

eSignature capture pads come in many forms with many features. These lightweight devices, which are generally about the same size as a tablet computer, have a screen and an electronic pen. They’re connected to a computer usually via USB port, and are the easiest way to capture signatures for the digital world.

A person signs on the screen of the capture pad and their handwritten signature is converted onto the screen of the computer. Once it’s transferred onto the computer, it is referred to as an esignature.

What are the Benefits of eSignature Capture?

Besides asking “What is esignature?”, the next most-asked question is, “What benefits does an esignature provide?” Among the most common are:

  • Improving Efficiency: Instantly signing and sending signatures is faster and more efficient than using a courier or mail service.
  • Cutting Costs: Using esignatures saves you the cost of scanning, printing and mailing documents.
  • Maintaining Security: Having a secure source for esignature, such as a signature capture pad, means that signatures and documents are not compromised or lost in transit.

Now that you know the basics of electronic signatures, learn how to choose the correct signature capture pad for your business.